Agile Lesson Number 326

I am going through a training for agile project management and here is one quote that got me thinking:

... the work should be done to a sufficient level of completeness and quality to fulfill the purpose it was intended to fill and nothing more. Going beyond that level of "just barely good enough" is considered waste

well mixing this one with the principle of BGQ (Bloody Good Questions - that I picked up in another of the trainings where I have participate), a lot is coming to my mind. Like:

  • how good should be the documentation of requirements? Good is probably not the best word here... maybe I should use "precise" instead... But the requirement should describe the functionality very precisely in order that the "just barely good enough" to meet the needs!
  • how good should be the quality of what you are delivering in order that "just barely good enough" fits and integrates good with the rest? The bigger the project/product, the bigger the challenge
  • how do you handle change on things that "just barely good enough"? But here I think is actually the trick: delivering only "just barely good enough" you have the change to test it and adapt if required

... well, I guess 3 BGQs are enough for this quote and good "food for the thought" :-)

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