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In the light of xz

So, yeah, the small dev-op that I am, for my self hosted services for both my family and my small business, needed to react in the light of the xz backdoor.

Got here and read it in diagonal: https://archlinux.org/news/the-xz-package-has-been-backdoored/ and run a yay on my...

Selfhost Nexcloud AIO with swag as reverse proxy



I self host on my home server several services for me, my family and our little business. With Nextcloud I am covering two basic needs for us:

  1. Accessing our documents with ease from multiple platforms. For personal computer access I...

Agile Lesson Number 47

And here another quote that got me thinking:

... One of the critical shifts in thinking that an Agile Project Manager needs to make is to shift from a focus on defining and managing project structure to optimizing flow.

Quote from Agile Project Management Academy -...

Agile Lesson Number 326

I am going through a training for agile project management and here is one quote that got me thinking:

... the work should be done to a sufficient level of completeness and quality to fulfill the purpose it was intended to fill and nothing more. Going beyond that level...

Help! My Dockers disappeared!

I run a small VM with some services, one of them being our beloved Odoo CE ERP which help us with our "side hustle" on viavinum.at. Yesterday my wife tells me very candid that "odoo is not functioning".


Are you sure? Yes, I'm sure! Than let me check!...